Teach you the whole strategy of bathing the cat


Cats love to be clean. Bathing is not only for cleanliness and beauty, but also for prevention and treatment of external parasites and skin diseases, as well as promoting blood circulation and metabolism. Therefore, to let the cat develop the habit of bathing since childhood. When taking a bath, put 40-50 ℃ warm water into the basin, and the bath water should not be too much, so as not to submerge the cat, or wash with slow water spray. After washing, quickly dry it with a dry towel and put the cat in a warm place. If the indoor temperature is low, cover the cat with dry towel or blanket to prevent cold. When the coat is completely dry, carefully comb it. If it is a long haired cat, you can also use a hair dryer to dry and comb, but also pay attention to the temperature.

When bathing cats, we should pay attention to several problems

1. The water temperature should not be too low or too high, and it should not be too hot (40-50 ℃). Keep warm indoors to prevent cats from catching cold and causing cold.

2. The detergent used should not be too irritating, so as not to irritate the skin; to prevent the bath water from entering the eyes, drip oily eye drops on the cat's eyes before bathing to protect the eyes.

3. For long haired cats, the fur should be fully combed before bathing to remove the falling fur, so as to prevent tangle during washing and spend more time on finishing.

4. It is not suitable to take a bath when the cat is in poor health. The kittens under 6 months of age are easy to get sick, and generally do not take a bath. Cats over 6 months old should not take too many baths. Generally, 1-2 times a month is appropriate. Because the skin oil has a protective effect on the skin and fur. If you take a bath many times and lose a lot of oil, the coat will become rough, brittle and lusterless, and the elasticity of the skin will decrease, which will affect the beauty of the cat and may become an inducement of skin inflammation.

You can't take a bath without vaccination!

The immunity of the kitten without vaccination is very low. It is easy to catch cold and loose when taking a bath, and even cause more serious problems. It is suggested that you should wash it after two weeks of vaccination!!!

If the kitten is dirty because of mischief, you can consider wiping it with a hot towel or brushing it with a brush.

After vaccination, you can give Mimi a bath, if the short hair cat can wash once a few months, long hair cat once a month is enough. At ordinary times to give Mimi comb hair can also ensure the cleanness of Mimi.

Because cats want to secrete sebum to protect their hair, if washed too often, the skin protection ability will decline, which will lead to skin cancer, and it is best to use pet shampoo to avoid the toxic side effects of human hair shampoo.

What's more, keeping your home clean is the most effective way:)

It's not good to bathe dogs and cats with adult shampoo

If you use adult shampoo to bathe dogs and cats, and the number of baths is more, such dogs and cats, especially white dogs and cats, the hair is easy to fall off, and the skin has become pink. Because of its high alkalinity, adult shampoo can wash oil from dog and cat skin very clean. As we all know, the sebaceous glands on the skin secrete oil to protect the skin and prevent dryness. If the oil is washed away, the skin resistance is reduced, it is easy to be infected with bacterial, fungal or scabies skin diseases. Give dog and cat bath, had better use dog and cat bath shampoo. If you can't buy it, you can use baby bath shampoo, or use neutral soap and soap.

Don't bathe cats often

Cat's fur has some very precious protective oil, as well as some trace elements. Cats clean themselves by basking in the sun and licking their fur. Generally speaking, cats with bright and clean fur are healthy, otherwise they may not be healthy.

The cat's body will secrete grease, this protective film will prevent dust from getting on the body. On the contrary, it is easier for cats to take a bath. With a protective film, the cat can shake the dust off its body during exercise. It is said in the book that cats don't need to bathe, and dogs should be washed less, just a few times a year.

It's better to keep your hair clean than to take a shower. If the short haired cat does not wash the house clean, he will lick it very clean. This month, I didn't wash Beibei's hair because I was vaccinated. My hair is smoother than before.

Long haired cats should be washed, but pay attention to:

1. Pay attention to the water temperature. Cats have higher body temperature than people. The bath water should be heated a little. It is better to be at 38-39 degrees (that is, the temperature that people feel a little bit hot but can bear).

2. Don't take a bath in the wind.

3. After washing, if it is winter, be sure to blow dry, short hair summer can let him dry naturally. If your cat is afraid of the bellows, wrap it in a large towel, wipe the water dry and put him in a warm place.