How does cat hair wither and yellow everyday drop hair to do? How does cat shed hair seriously?


Cat hair withered yellow, may be caused by malnutrition, but for no reason how hair is going on? There are also several reasons for cat hair loss, so Xiaobian will tell you about it today.

1、 Seasonal shedding

Cats are also more adaptable to the environment. As the seasons change, cats are warm in winter and cool in summer, and their hair should be shaken off. It is usually during the season change that cats will lose their hair on the ground, which is called physiological hair loss.

2、 Depilation caused by malnutrition

If the cat lacks some vitamins necessary for the body, it can also cause depilation all over the body. It is characterized by dry hair and emaciated body. Therefore, we must feed them professional cat food. Because the nutrition in the professional cat food is balanced and suitable for the nutritional needs of the cat at all growth stages, long-term consumption will not lead to unhealthy depilation.

3、 Endocrine disorders lead to hair loss

This kind of depilation is a sign of disease. If your cat has been eating professional cat food and is not in the hair changing period, but has a large number of hair removal, then it is likely that its endocrine disorders, such as adrenal cortical hyperfunction, hypothyroidism, excessive androgen secretion, it is best to take the cat to the hospital for treatment.

4、 How to prevent cat from losing hair

1. Whether the cat's hair or lack of nutrition is a reflection of health or not, so do not feed them salty food in the process of feeding, too high salt is also one of the important factors of hair loss.

2. In the daily feeding of cats can be appropriate to eat cat food, when the cat food can be put into the cat food like lecithin, promote the growth of cat hair, reduce cholesterol, can control the problem of non seasonal hair loss.

3. Bathing is the way to clean, but the choice of shower gel is also the key. It is suggested to use the cat's special facial bath gel to help the cat straighten out its hair and brighten its color. It is definitely a kind of cat shower gel for parents. A proper bath can help to avoid the trouble of cat hair loss.