The little dog at home is always shedding hair recently, what reason is caused?


Healthy dogs will change their hair in spring and autumn every year, which is a normal physiological phenomenon, so parents need not worry about it. But during the dog's hair changing period, the dog's hair will float all over the room, on the floor, on the sofa, on the table. Is there any way to improve it?

1、 Seasonal shedding

Usually in the spring and autumn season, dogs generally have the phenomenon of depilation. Because the amount of hair needed in summer doesn't have to be so much, when the weather warms up, part of the old hair is removed to regulate body temperature. And in winter, they will take off the coarse hair and change the fluff to spend the cold winter. During this period of time, comb the dog's hair frequently and clean up the dander, which can prevent the house from flying.

2、 The wrong way to take a bath

Some parents are greedy for convenience. They take shower gel, shampoo and even washing powder for dogs. This is wrong. Because it can cause the dog's skin dry, itchy, mites, bacteria, fungi have the opportunity to form a skin disease, eventually leading to hair loss. Therefore, it is suggested that parents should use a special bath gel for dogs, such as state fun dog shower gel.

In addition, bathing too often damages the normal protective substances secreted by the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to wash once every two to three weeks in winter, and once or twice a week in summer.

3、 The food is too salty

On weekdays, if the food that dogs eat is too salty, long-term intake will lead to a lot of hair loss or partial hair loss. Therefore, parents are advised not to feed too salty, stimulating food to dogs. In view of this situation, it is necessary to add Wang Xiang lecithin in dog's daily food, so as to promote the healthy growth of hair and effectively inhibit depilation.

4、 Suffering from skin disease or parasites

If the dog suffering from skin disease or parasites, the dog will feel itchy skin, will always go to scratch, bite the affected area, causing serious hair loss, exposing the red and swollen skin. It not only affects the appearance, but also causes harm to the dog's health. If the situation is serious, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time to see a professional doctor.