How to make dog's hair glossy


To make the dog's hair glossy and beautiful, you can feed the dog more protein rich feed every day. Additives containing vitamin E and vitamin D, seaweed food, vegetables, etc., such as lean meat, cooked egg yolk, vegetable oil, etc., should be fed less foods rich in sugar, salt and starch.

Fat and fat accumulation of dogs, the general hair quality is relatively poor. At the same time, to give the dog more sunbathing, more UV absorption, and regular exercise, to promote its blood circulation, so that it grows healthy hair.

In order to protect the dog's hair, comb it every day. If possible, you'd better coat it with a thin layer of hair protecting oil. To make the coat bright, but also pay attention not to let the dog into the bedroom, should be raised in a colder place. Doberman and other short haired dogs in the bath, should be wiped with a bath towel, so as to make the hair smooth and lovely. Beijing dogs, Maltese dogs, pines and Afghan dogs and other long haired dogs after bathing, such as sprayed with distilled water, a thin layer of spray on the dog's hair, can make hair fluffy, looks plump and beautiful.